maryland wine road

Maryland wine roads – the Mead Trail

Mean Trail is a wine road, or a wine trail, that covers 4 vineyards and offers some breathtaking sights of Maryland. As the name of this trail suggests, it covers cellars that either exclusively or partially focus on the production of mead and processing of other less known fruits, next to grapes. Everything you need to know about the trail is best expressed with this photo.

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Explore Maryland wine scene by traveling the Carroll Wine Trail

Best way to get some exercise and to get familiar with the Maryland wine scene is to travel on one of Maryland’s many wine roads. Cycling is the preferred method of doing it, because that’s how you get the most exercise. Plus, an additional perk of being on a bicycle when traveling wine roads is that getting a bit tipsy and driving your bike won’t get you in as much trouble as driving a car would. Today we’re going to talk about the Carroll Wine Trail, so let’s begin.

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