Those who want to contact me can do so on this page, just scroll a bit down below to the contact form that I have setup. I have to say that I’m really proud of making this contact form work. I didn’t have much luck at first, but thanks to excellent instructions that I found online, mainly YouTube, I managed to get it working.

I know that it’s very popular to have social media contacts nowadays, but I don’t really have the time or desire to setup a special social media profiles for this website here, and I don’t feel comfortable using my own personal profiles. You will just have to use this contact form and deal with it.

Don’t worry tho, I’m frequently at my phone or PC, so I’ll get your message practically as soon as you send it. I’ve tested it all out, the contact form is working, so expect a reply within a day or two. Send me your corrections, praise (if I’m worthy of it), winery recommendations, etc. Me and my wife are looking forward hearing from you. All the best.

Tom Ressler