About me

Hi there, my name is Tom Ressler and you’ve come to my very own website. I’m a retiree from Annapolis, Maryland. Wines have always been a passion of mine, but I never thought I’ll be making a website dedicated solely to them, but here I am.

I earned my retirement in the woodworking industry. More specifically I made custom designed furniture for my clients. I did everything from chairs to beds, so to speak. After a hard days work there’s nothing better than grabbing a glass of wine and relaxing in front of the TV with my wife Kate or by reading a good book.

Many people don’t know this but being a wine lover doesn’t stop at drinking wine in front of the TV. If you are hooked like me and my wife are, you also start exploring wine trails in search of new wineries for that one perfect wine. My practically daily (now that I’m retired) search for the perfect bottle of wine is what’s going to give me something to write about here on the website.

Cygnus Wine Cellar is going to be my place where I’ll post reviews about wines and also give tips on great wine trails in Maryland and even further, once I run out of vineyards to write about in my home state. Stay tuned for new posts. Me and my wife hope to see you soon.