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Maryland wine roads – the Mead Trail

Mean Trail is a wine road, or a wine trail, that covers 4 vineyards and offers some breathtaking sights of Maryland. As the name of this trail suggests, it covers cellars that either exclusively or partially focus on the production of mead and processing of other less known fruits, next...

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Recent wine finds:

:About this website

Cygnus Wine Cellar is a pet project of a wine lover from Annapolis, Maryland. The basic idea behind this website is to act as a web portal that covers the Maryland wine scene. Cygnus is my favorite star constellation, and that’s why I named my website Cygnus Wine Cellar. To make a long story short, this is a website where I’m going to be posting updates on interesting wines, vineyards and wine roads of the great state of Maryland.

My name is Tom Ressler and I’m a retired woodworker from Parole, which is a suburb of Annapolis. Since I retired I have been picking up various hobbies here and there, trying to pass time. My latest project is this portal, which got me into learning how to build websites. It’s interesting learning new things. I have experience working with computers, seeing how I used them and programs like Google SketchUp to draw designs for my woodworking gigs. Also, I’m an avid tech lover, I love photography, audio gear, RC toys, you name it. Recently I started combining some of my hobbies and I got my hands on a starter photography drone. It’s just a little something to get my feet wet, as I never previously owned a toy like this. The plan is to use the camera on it to record some aerial footage vineyards and wine roads. We’ll see how that turns out.

In the wine business, it is important to keep up with new trends in the industry. That’s why I love to travel, visit other wine cellars and talk with my colleagues. You can always learn something new, it’s important to put your ego by the side and listen to what another side has to say. Recently I’ve visited my grandfathers home country – Croatia. That small country really impressed me, both professionally and touristic. I spend 3 nights on Hvar island, which is well known for its unique wine sorts. This time, my point on interest was wine named “Plavac mali”, which is one of the best Croatian wines. It was interesting to see how people on islands work in their vineyard. My hosts, family Brajkovich took me on a Hvar wine tasting tour and put an extra effort to be sure I enjoy my time on the island, and I am very thankful for that!

We spent so many beautiful moments that I can’t even count them. I would only like to mention our day trip to Blue Lagoon on Krknjasi island. Tour was organised by Zen Travel and it was a wonderful experience. That is something you should not miss if you’re in Croatia. I won’t spoil it, feel free to Google it and go there and experience it! Island life, as they say, really is something special. Here you can see their trip itinerary.

What our mission is:

I say “our mission” here because my wife Kate will sometimes help me out with day to day tasks of running the website. She is actually an even bigger fan of wine than me, and she loves finding new vineyards, traveling on new wine roads and making new friends in the process. Trouble with us is that we’ve covered most of the wine roads in and around our town. Now we need to go even further to discover new and interesting wines that Maryland has to offer.

We don’t complain, in fact, we love it. Personally, I hope to fill this website with interesting new finds from our future adventures traveling on wine roads that we’ve never traveled before. Making videos like the one on the above, only of Maryland vineyards, is something that’s been an itch of mine for a long time now. Soon I plan on setting up my long distance drone and taking it up in the air when we’re traveling our next wine road, and making some interesting video footage of our own.

:Recent news

Maryland wine roads – the Mead Trail

Mean Trail is a wine road, or a wine trail, that covers 4 vineyards and offers some breathtaking sights of Maryland. As the name of this trail suggests, it covers cellars that either exclusively or partially focus on the production of mead and processing of other less known fruits, next...

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Our categories

To make website navigation easier for our guests we’ve made categories for the three main areas of interests that we’re going to be covering on the website here. Each category can be accessed by following the links down below. You should browse through them from time to time for new posts. I’m new to making websites, so I’m not entirely sure how this whole subscribing thing works so that you can actually receive updates on new posts via email. That’s how most people have gotten used to receiving their updates, but I’m still working on that, so stay tuned.

Drinking wine is a great way how to have fun, make friends and of course enjoy in the fine work of winemakers who put enormous effort into making their wines. There’s that old-timey belief that drinking a glass a wine a day is good for your health as well. Of course it’s important to keep things in moderation. Be careful about it and wine can be a great daily treat.

Being a wine lover doesn’t mean just loving and drinking wine. Another great aspect of loving wine is that you get to visit exquisite vineyards, spend time with other like minded individuals and you get to learn about the history of the vineyards. In my case it also involves recording vineyards with a drone. A lot of the vineyards in the Maryland have a long history and we hope to cover them all here at Cygnus Wine Cellar.

Traveling goes hand in hand with exploring, especially so when it comes to discovering new wineries and wines. You can’t find good wines by just sitting on your couch and watching TV. Winery discovery is best done by traveling established wine roads or routes. These have are specially designated roads on the map that have wineries. We recommend the best one in all of Maryland.

Quote of the day

Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.

Paulo Coelho

Wineries we like

Thanksgiving Farm

Thanksgiving Farm is a family operated winery located in Harwood, Maryland, which is about 20 miles east of Washington. Owners and winemakers are Doug and Maureen Heimbuch, a husband and wife that run the show on their own. They grow grapes, collect them by hand and ferment them on site. Winery has a tasting room where you can come and taste the wines before making a purchase. Currently you need to make an appointment, and entry fee is $10.

Olney Winery

Located on the Capital Wine Trail, Olney Winery is a new kid on the block, so to speak, having only been active for the past couple of years. Their first tasting room opened up in Olney back in 2012. Recently they opened up another tasting room in Hagerstown. Joe McCall is the president and the winery makes reds, whites, blushes, fruits and deserts. Cygnus Wine Cellar team (meaning my wife and me) are frequent visitors of their, we love their fruits wines.

Willow Oaks Craft Cider

In my wife Kates and my roamings through the Maryland countryside in search of new wineries, we recently came across a organic cider farm located over in Middletown, Maryland. The Willow Oaks Craft Cider is another family owned and operated farm/craft cider maker that grows organic fruit and turns them into ciders. Eric Rice and Lori Leitzl Rice have been on their farm for over 30 years, and they grow all kinds of other fruit next to apples.

Boordy Vineyards

Boordy Vineyards have an unusual name, but an even more unusual approach to making wine and wine tastings. Vineyards are owned and operated by the Deford family. They own the vineyards for over 70 years now, so it's another multi-generational vineyard in the very heart of Maryland. They are located in Boordy, near Baltimore. That's from where the winery gets its name. We love visiting them, they are a friendly bunch and have great wines of course.

Urban Winery

If you're looking for a winery that offers a bit more complete experience, with both wine and food, then Urban Winery is what you need. This winery, which is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, offers a huge selection of red and white wines, but they don't stop there. Urban Winery also produces mead, cider and beer. On top of that the winery offers food, and people can book their facilities for private events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Visit them and you'll have a lot of fun for sure.

About us

Just a simple wine blog by a couple who like to travel, discover vineyards and have fun drinking wine. Join us in our discovery of cool new vineyards across Maryland.

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We have a lot of friends that we have made over the years on our adventures on the wine roads. We’ll feature them here on the website soon enough.

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