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Royele methode champenoise sparkling wines
After the Red, bottle fermented sparkling wine (champagne) is the wine that got me in the most trouble as a home winemaker! Actually, I jest. I had done a couple experimental efforts at champagne in 1986-7, but things got serious after I attended a two day conference, put on by the French, at the Fredonia campus of SUNY ( State University of New York) in August 1989. It was a paradigm experience, so much so that it caused me to rethink everything I thought I knew about winemaking, especially regarding yeasts and fermentation. I became a better winemaker as a result of those two days. And I quickly became emerged in the myth, legend, and mystery of sparkling wine.

As with the Red, whenever I brought one of my sparkling wines to a party, no one ever questioned what it was, they simply lined up and held out their glass! Nothing strokes the ego of a winemaker like having other winemakers waiting to taste your wine. To make it worse, there were a couple people who, because of my sparkling wines, offered to loan me money should I ever decide to start a winery. What a huge mistake!

The first commercial sparkling wines I made again copied ones that I had made as an amateur; a Blanc de Blanc made from Vidal Blanc, one from Chardonnay labeled Cuvée de Chardonnay, and a Chancellor/Vidal Blanc blend named Hampton Cuvée.

Royele Blanc de Blanc

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Royele Hampton Cuvée

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A classic method sparkling wine, this Brut Rose is made by blending a cuvee from red and white grapes in the traditional way, and then adding finished red wine to the cuveeto provide the color and aromas to the final cuvee (‘assemblage’), with an alcohol content of 12.0%.