Late Harvest Catawba

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lateharvestcatawba08The 2008 Late Harvest Catawba is an old American variety (a presumed natural hybrid of native Vitis and Vitis Vinifera) (Thomas Jefferson had wine from Catawba in the early 1800’s). Very aromatic with rich floral notes, also can be described with tropical fruit character both aroma and flavor. Locally grown at Tintagel Farm just outside of Glenville PA (about 10 miles north of the winery in southern York County PA). About 8% residual sugar and 9% alcohol. Serve at 50-55 F.

Rose of Tintagel

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roseoftintagelThe 2012 Rose of Tintagel is a very aromatic semi-sweet white wine with a melange of tropical fruit flavors and a sweet/tart citrusy finish. About 10.5% alcohol, 4% residual sugar. Serve @ 45-50 F. A blend of 85% Catawba and 15% Vidal Blanc.

Port of Manchester

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portofmanchesterA sweet dessert style red wine, blended to have Port-like character to the aroma and flavor, but it is not fortified and doesn’t have the high alcohol. The base wines are barrel fermented up to about 14% alcohol. This dry red wine is then barrel aged for 18-20 months, filtered, and then sweetened to around 8% residual sugar. A blend of Chambourcin, Chancellor and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Late Harvest Vidal Blanc

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A sweet dessert-style wine made from 100% Maryland grown Vidal Blanc. Fermented cool and the fermentation stopped with about 8% residual sugar and 10% alcohol. LHVB has aromas and flavors of lemon and grapefruit, with ripe pear and mineral flavors on the long, sweet finish. Serve @ 50-55 F.