Twentieth Anniversary Dinner

PICT0035Chef Antonio Baines graced us with his extraordinary skills at the 20th Anniversary Dinner celebrating the founding of Cygnus Wine Cellars in July 1996. The main course, featuring the 1995 and 1997 vintages of Julian, was a super seafood dish that was a perfect match with the mature red wine flavors of the oldest wines in the library. What a great experience. The attendees were still buzzing about it for some time after the dinner.


PICT0038Chef Antonio, ever the gentleman, helps serve dessert of a flourless chocolate tort, accompanied by the 1997 Port of Manchester (the original experiment from the extraordinary 1997 vintage)


PICT0042At the end of the dinner, Chef Antonio receives well deserved kudos from his adoring fans. Thanks again Antonio for another wonderful organoleptic experience.