Gettysburg, again

Coming out of the woodsDisgorged – The Blog: 28 May 2015


We never get bored with visiting the battlefields at Gettysburg. We are working on the Memorial weekend, but we try to get up there later in the week when we can take a half-day off to drive around, walk the battlefields, and otherwise get away from our normal schedule.


It is almost always quiet. Well relative to what you might expect with the tourist buses driving through the area. Even with larger crowds, there is little shouting or other boisterous behavior. Except for maybe Joyce; difficult to keep her in line!


Interesting that such a deeply somber event, Memorial Day weekend is after all an effort to keep in memory all of those who have died to keep America free, is the ‘official’ start to the carefree, school free, party season that is summer. Except for all those who know that in fact Summer doesn’t begin for another more than three weeks, at the Summer Solstice.


PICT0015One of the difficult things about the main battlefields at Gettysburg is the difficulty in reading all of the message placards describing the particulars of the battlefield, or portion thereof, that you are facing. Especially the Confederate ones that require you to walk across the field to read them, as they are facing back toward you, if you stay on the road, or pathways around the site.


It was also pointed out that they maybe could place a few port-o-pots around the area for those hikers who need a break every hour or two!


Happy Summer (almost).


Ray @ Cygnus