Veraison in the Vineyards

Disgorged – The Blog: 29 August 2014


Well the vineyards have moved into the ripening phase for all varieties. Late ripening varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin and Vidal Blanc are just beginning to accumulate sugar, while others like Chardonnay, Seyval, and Chancellor are progressing nicely. Harvest this year will be near normal to maybe a week or so later, will very much depend on how much longer the daytime temperatures remain cooler than normal.


Chancellor @ Quail Vyd









The cooler temperatures at night are a benefit as they help the grapes maintain good acidity, and the reds develop better color. But the challenge during this time of the year is still disease pressure, with overnight and early morning moisture helping tp promote spoilage of the fruit through bunch rot infections, and threaten the loss of leaves by encouraging Downy Mildew.


Vidal Blanc @ Quail Vyd









This is what a year-long effort in the vineyard comes down to; the next 6 weeks can give us exquisite fruit capturing within the makings of great wines, or a rough and tumble finish which makes the winemaker really show his/her stuff to be able to coax a really good wine out of less than spectacular fruit.


Sunlight through a Vidal Blanc cluster @ Quail Vyd








From that great musical of the 60’s, ‘Hair’ we all join in singing, “Let the Sun shine…..Let the Sun shine…….Let the Sun shine in!”


Peace. till next time.


Ray @ Cygnus